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Parking in Dubai

Parking in Dubai

In Dubai, cars play a very important role for both the comfort of local residents and tourists. To effectively manage the traffic flow in the city, its own parking system has been developed with different parking zones, schedules, and payment processes. Let’s tell you more about how to park your car correctly in Dubai and avoid fines.

Zones and Types of Parking in Dubai

Parking in Dubai usually consists of commercial parking lots and city parking zones where any type of vehicle can be accommodated. Almost all zones have a unified operating schedule – paid parking from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 22:00, and free parking on Sundays and holidays. During Ramadan, the operating schedule shifts slightly: from 8:00 to 18:00, and then from 20:00 to 00:00.

In total, there are 11 different parking zones in Dubai:

  • A – roadside parking in commercial areas, priced from 2 AED for 30 minutes, 4 AED for 1 hour, and 16 AED for 4 hours.
  • B – parking lots in commercial zones, less crowded and cheaper than zone A. The cost for 1 hour is 3 AED, 12 AED for 4 hours, and 20 AED for the whole day.
  • C – parking lots in residential areas of the city, ranging from 2 AED for 1 hour to 11 AED for 4 hours.
  • D – parking lots in residential areas, including Al Kusz and Al Nahda. Parking in zone D is the most advantageous for a long period, as the cost for 1 hour is 2 AED, and the daily parking fee does not exceed 10 AED.
  • E – a special parking zone, including underground parking and public parking at the Waterfront market. One hour costs 4 AED, and 4 hours cost 16 AED.
  • F – a separate zone for parking in the Tecom area, which operates until 18:00. The parking cost is the same as in zone C.
  • G – parking in downtown Dubai costs 4 AED per hour.
  • H – all parking lots in the free trade zone with a standard rate of 4 AED per hour.
  • I – premium parking for short-term rental in the Jumeirah Lake Tower complex. The cost for 1 hour is 10 AED.
  • J – also parking in JLT, similar to zone I but with cheaper rates. In this zone, priority for short-term rental – half an hour of parking costs 2.3 AED, and for 3-4 hours, you have to pay a higher rate – 12-22 AED, which is more expensive than other zones.
  • K – parking spots where you can park for half an hour or a whole day. The cost starts from 2 AED for half an hour and ends at 32 AED per day.

In addition to zones, parking in Dubai is divided into first and second categories, divided by districts. The first category includes parking lots in the areas of Deira, Bur Dubai, and Jumeirah, while the rest belong to the second category.

Paid Parking in Dubai

How to Pay for Parking in Dubai?

The well-thought-out parking system in Dubai supports over 5 payment options to streamline the process for residents and city guests.

Mobile Application

You can download apps from the Play Store or App Store such as:

In the app, you need to register your vehicle and pay according to the instructions.

Parking Terminals

Many parking lots have special machines with payment terminals that issue a parking ticket. You can pay with coins from 1 AED to 50 fils. After payment, the driver needs to attach the parking ticket to the windshield or dashboard in a visible place.

Prepaid Cards

Special parking cards with balances of 30, 50, or 100 AED, which can be purchased at most shopping malls and supermarkets. You just need to insert the card into the terminal, and the required amount will be deducted from it.

Seasonal Cards

Cards with an unlimited balance for 3, 6, and 12 months to pay for parking in zones A and B. Payment is made on the same principle as prepaid cards.

NOL Cards

Permanent cards with the ability to top up the balance for any amount and use at any time.

NFC and RFID Cards

You can pay for parking directly with a bank card or smartphone that supports NFC technology. To make a payment, you need to touch the card or smartphone to the terminal, and the funds will be automatically deducted.

SMS Payment

To pay for a parking space in Dubai through a mobile operator, you will need a local SIM card and the required amount on the balance. To pay for parking, you need to send an SMS to the number 7275 with information about the car and the number of hours in the following format: car number-space-city code-hours. Sending a message will incur an additional commission of 0.30 AED.

WhatsApp Payment

To avoid paying a commission, you can use a similar method via WhatsApp. To do this, send an SMS in the same format to the number 971588009090.

Parking Violation Fines in Dubai

For violating parking rules in Dubai, fines range from 100 AED (27 USD) to 1000 AED (270 USD).

Unpaid Parking Fine

  • 150 AED dirhams for unpaid parking or not having a parking ticket.
  • 100 AED for overstaying a parking session.

Improper Parking Fine

  • 200 AED for parking in an unauthorized area, such as on the sidewalk, in a disabled zone, or at a pedestrian crossing.
  • 200 AED for obstructing other vehicles.
  • 500 AED for blocking an entrance or exit to a parking spot.

Other Parking Fines

  • 300 AED for parking with the engine running.
  • 1000 AED for parking in a disabled spot without a proper permit.
  • 500 AED for parking a commercial vehicle in a residential area.

How to Check Parking Fines in Dubai

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provides a convenient online service to check and pay fines:


On this page, you can enter your vehicle number or fine number to view a list of unpaid parking violations, showing the date, time, location, and amount of each fine.

You can pay the fines directly on this website through multiple methods:

  • Online payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • RTA Dubai mobile app (for iOS and Android)
  • It’s important to pay fines on time, as late payments incur additional charges.

Parking in Dubai: Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine the parking zone of the parking lot?

To determine the parking zone, look for the orange sign. It will contain all the necessary information about parking rules and costs.

When is parking free in Dubai?

Parking in Dubai is free on Sundays and on most public holidays. This is a great opportunity for tourists to leave their car without payment.

When do you need to pay for parking in Dubai?

Parking should be paid during working hours, usually from 8 am to 10 pm. It is important to know that during religious holidays, working hours may change.

For how long can you leave your car parked in Dubai?

The maximum parking time may vary for different parking lots. Roadside parking lots usually allow you to leave your car for up to four hours. Most paid parking lots offer parking for 24 hours. And on multi-story parking lots, you can leave your car for 30 days.

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