Aleksej Pashkeev

22. may, 2024

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We rented two cars from these guys. Totally satisfied—the cars are clean and well-maintained. The staff is attentive, they explain everything and answer all your questions. No deposit required, which is really nice.
Highly recommend!

Alina Chudakova

21. may, 2024

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Great rental conditions and good prices, everything went wonderfully! Thank you!


17. may, 2024

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The best!

Anton Vishniakov

16. may, 2024

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Rented Lamborghini Huracan in Brooklands, everything went smoothly, car was perfectly clean
Additional big thanks to Feras and Maria for quick response, good instructions and so on
Would recommend Brooklands Rent

viktor khryukin

14. may, 2024

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We rented a BMW 430 for a day. The service was exceptional. The staff was polite and explained everything in detail. They didn’t even charge us extra for parking. Highly recommend!

Ilya Esin

09. may, 2024

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Hello everyone. I reached out to Brooklands Rent and rented a 2023 BMW 530. The car was delivered straight to my hotel. It was immaculately clean both inside and out. The car was already equipped with charging cables for both Apple and Android devices, and I was also impressed to find bottled water inside.

As for the service, everything was top-notch. A staff member named Sardor delivered the car to me. I am very grateful to him as he explained everything about the car, gave tips on driving and traffic, recommended places to visit, and shared a wealth of useful and important information, all within just 5-10 minutes.

The rest of the Brooklands Rent team was also incredibly polite and competent, always available, and ready to assist via messaging apps whenever I had a question.

I wholeheartedly recommend their services. There are too many positives to list. Great staff, excellent condition and variety of cars that keep getting updated, impeccable service, and very pleasant and low rental prices.

I want to express my immense gratitude to Ilya and the entire Brooklands team.

I have rented, am renting, and will continue to rent cars only from them!

Semaaa Sokol

03. may, 2024

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Everything is top-notch: no deposits, no gimmicks. You can rent a car without any worries and be on the road in your dream car in just 15 minutes. The staff is incredibly friendly and ready to assist with any questions. From now on, it’s the only place I’ll go! There’s so much more to say, but it’s best if you just rent a car and see for yourself.

3mnn6 3mnn6

30. april, 2024

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We rented a BMW 430i for 2 days. The car was in excellent condition, and we didn’t encounter any problems. There was a 500 km mileage limit for the 2 days, which was more than enough for a trip to Abu Dhabi and some driving around Dubai, with some kilometers to spare. I want to thank the manager, Sardor, who handled both the pick-up and drop-off. He explained everything clearly and answered all our questions.

Balin Fredericks

29. april, 2024

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I rented the Porsche 911 Targa 4 for a day. The car was immaculate and great fun to drive. The team made the whole process very easy, and they were very responsive and helpful. I’ll definitely be back next time I am in Dubai.

Felix Fecher

26. april, 2024

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Great Cars and Service. Very friendly and fast handover. Prices more then fair.
Most recommended????????

Vlad Egorov

09. april, 2024

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Excellent value for money and service quality. I rented an Escalade. It was provided spotlessly clean and exactly as specified. The paperwork was processed quickly, and the return process was smooth without any nitpicking. Customer-focused management.

Max A

07. april, 2024

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Great place best rates in Dubai, professional team????


04. april, 2024

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We rented a BMW 230i, everything was quick and straightforward. Before returning the car, they send you a checklist and rules – very cool. When you pick up the car, inspect everything down to the smallest detail. Upon returning it, someone named Feras Suleiman tried to tell us that the dirt on the rear bumper under the wheel was our fault and we had to pay for it. But! We called a Russian-speaking person and resolved the situation in a minute.

So, be attentive when you pick up the car! Fines and parking fees are charged separately, which they inform you about upfront. They also help with parking payments – big respect for that! We paid a fine for parking near the hotel because it turned out there’s a yellow curb marking where parking is not allowed – 330 dirhams. The hotels don’t mention this, so pay attention to signs, which aren’t always present, but also to curb colors.

Great rental service, will use them again ????

Pavel Grafkin

02. april, 2024

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We rented a G63. The air conditioning was barely working, cooling only slightly – probably low on refrigerant, like in an economy taxi. There was no windshield washer fluid at all. Otherwise, everything was fine: the car was delivered and picked up at the specified locations, and parking was paid for.

Maksim Zinovev

29. march, 2024

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Thnks a lot, gentlemen! New car, very good terms and conditions, no deposit, flexible team. All is perfect. Thnks a lot!

Vasilij Legoshin

27. march, 2024

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Seems like this is the best car rental service in the UAE.
Thanks to the team for their hard work!

Konstantin Safonov

26. march, 2024

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I really enjoyed it. I ordered in the morning, and by the evening, I was already picking it up. The car was clean and pleasant. We were greeted by lovely managers. Everything was sorted out in 5 minutes, and off we went for a ride. Returning the car was just as easy as picking it up. The managers inspected it, calculated the remaining balance, and we settled right away. Thank you very much for the service. We will definitely rent again.

Kolczov Denis

24. march, 2024

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Inexpressible emotions, still thrilled!!
Before booking, the manager answered all questions regarding traffic rules, recommended navigation apps, and explained how to use them, as well as some features of driving the Huracan. I was worried about parking, but there is assistance with their payment during the rental period, which is extremely convenient.
A dream that I managed to touch, thank you so much!

Yvan Lambert

19. march, 2024

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I rented two cars from Brooklands Rent, a Huracan Evo Spyder and a 230i Pack M. Everything was perfect, I want to thank Dimitri and Maria for their availability and professionalism. The cars were delivered clean and in excellent condition, with bottled water and phone cables inside. Excellent service. Thanks again ????
See you soon ✌️

Olesya Sokolova

13. march, 2024

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We rented a Chevrolet Corvette at Brooklands Rent Dubai. It was our first experience renting a car in Dubai. The documentation process and key handover took no more than 15 minutes. Dimitri met us, explained everything, and answered all our questions. Prior to the meeting, we were sent a guide, which detailed all the useful information. A big plus – the rental was WITHOUT a deposit! The price was very reasonable and the service was excellent! We used the 2GIS GPS which conveniently shows lane movements. The only additional expense was parking fee (10 dirhams), and by the way, Dmitry helped us with the payment! We refueled the car ourselves before returning it. Gas stations in Dubai are very convenient and user-friendly.
Maria, a very pleasant girl, took the car back. It was also all done very swiftly.
We definitely recommend Brooklands. Next time, it will be our first choice!

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