26 April 2024 Author: Andrey Davidenko

Can women drive in Dubai?

Yes, women can drive in Dubai. Women have been legally allowed to drive in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, since 2018.

Prior to 2018, women were not allowed to obtain driver’s licenses or operate vehicles in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. The lifting of this restriction marked a significant step forward for women’s rights in the country.

Car rental for women in Dubai

There are no restrictions for women at our company Brooklands luxury car rental in Dubai. Although some companies may have specific requirements or restrictions. It is advisable to research car rental companies in Dubai.

Driving Requirements for women

To drive in Dubai, women must have a valid driver’s license. The process of obtaining a driver’s license in Dubai for women involves submitting the necessary documents, passing theoretical and practical exams, and meeting other requirements set by the relevant authorities. Women can obtain different types of driving licenses in Dubai, such as those for light vehicles, heavy vehicles, or motorcycles, depending on their needs.

Driving Tips in Dubai

It is important for all drivers, regardless of gender, to familiarize themselves with local traffic laws, road signs and driving etiquette in Dubai. In addition, female drivers in Dubai may benefit from being aware of dress code norms and any cultural sensitivities specific to the region. It is always wise to exercise caution and practice defensive driving.


Women are free to drive in Dubai, and this article aimed to provide relevant information to help prospective female drivers navigate the process. Hopefully, this information has been helpful in understanding the current situation and requirements for women driving in Dubai.

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