12 January 2024 Author: Andrey Davidenko

How much is gasoline in Dubai?

The average price of Special 95 gasoline at gas stations in Dubai is 3.6 AED ($0.9) per liter, and the high-octane Super 98 starts from 3.80 AED ($1) per liter. Gas stations are abundant in the UAE, accepting cash everywhere, and attendants generally understand English. At stations labeled ‘Premium,’ attendants may request tips—averaging around 10 AED.

We provide cars already fueled, but you’ll need to refuel independently. If the car wasn’t fully fueled at pickup, inform your manager. The manager will also guide you on the type of fuel required and answer any questions. According to the contract, return the car with a full tank. If unable to refuel along the way, we will charge an additional 5 AED per liter of fuel.

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